Hello Patriots, Dealers and Customers. I have some unfortunate news. Value Cans LLC (DBA Rebel Silencers) no longer has an FFL.  Currently, we cannot accept any new orders, or complete warranty work. All order forms have been suspended and are no longer functional. Our short term goal is to secure a licensed manufacturer to continue on with the Rebel design line of products and also one who can handle warranty work for past products, etc. 

If you have an open, fully paid order with Rebel at the moment, making sure your order is completed to standard and shipped by another licensed manufacturer is our top priority. HPA deposits etc. will all be thoughtfully negotiated with via the new manufacturer too, so please don’t count that as a loss. We will update via email as we move ahead so stay tuned. 

Regardless if the Rebel brand continues or not, we want our product line to continue to thrive as it is our mission to do so. We know that this news is disappointing, as it surely is to us, but please know that we will do everything within our power to meet past commitments and ensure that past customers have warranty service available to them. In essence, we truly care about our company and leaving people high and dry is not in our DNA.