World class quiet for everything up to .338 Lapua. Comes with 9mm booster for pistol and fixed barrel attachments. You can tune the sound as you like with many different baffle combinations possible. 

*NEW* 9Air

This can is the lightest full reduction 9mm suppressor that has ever been made. Coming in at only 6 ounces it sports a fully modular stack that can go from 8 inches in full configuration to a mere 5 inches for tight work. It’s also only 1 1/8 inches in diameter so no need for suppressor sights. 

SOS-HUNTER (.30 Caliber)

The SOS-Hunter is our most popular selling suppressor. Thousands of suppressors later and we get nothing but rave reviews on all who use her. As the lightest .30 caliber suppressor in the world it still boasts the strength to handle everything from .22 LR to .308 short barrel rifles. 


The DFNDR9 was birthed out of a need for a truly versatile suppressor that would also run on 9mm pistol/carbine like a champ. This suppressor is rated for .338 lapua, that isn’t like your typical 9mm suppressor. When people are looking or a single can that can perform well across many different calibers we point them to our DFNDR series. 


The DFNDR45 was born out of a desire to handle higher power 450 bushmaster and .458 SOCOM rounds as well as be able to be very functional on 9mm, .40, and .45 caliber pistol/carbine.

Alliance (5.56/.223)

The ALLIANCE is the lightest 5.56/.223 can on the market at a mere 7 ounces (less than half the weight of most others). It’s also one of the quietest, even at only 7 inches in length. This suppressor can take a beating as well, we have police and SWAT teams across the country rocking the ALLIANCE and putting it through its paces. 


The SOS-Creed was tailor made for 6.5 Creedmoor and 6.5 Grendel. Our SOS-Hunter is a great option as well for these calibers, but on this suppressor we wanted to offer a solution specifically with the long distance shooter in mind with fewer baffles and a tighter bore. We nailed it with the Creed, long distance shooters across the country are nuts about this suppressor. 


The SOS-22 was our very first screw on stack suppressor (SOS). Since our first model we have made improvements. We added stainless steel tips like our other suppressors, as well an extra baffle so it’s also the worlds quietest .17 HMR suppressor. This suppressor is a market leader in the 22 world for a reason, it’s fully modular, it’s light, it’s quiet, and unlike any other 22 suppressor on the market it is so easy to clean it shouldn’t be called cleaning.


The SOS-Lapua is a champ. It was created with the Lapua in mind. The .338 Lapua being such a staple round to the long distance shooting world we felt it deserved its very own tailored suppressor. To have an ideal sound profile, bore size, ideal length, and ideal weight. This can also runs 9mm carbine and is great as a multi-caliber can. It’s fully modular like the rest of our suppressors, being most similar to the SOS-Hunter with a slightly larger bore and a little bit longer to compensate.  


The SOS-450 is a tailor made workhorse for the 450 Bushmaster and .458 SOCOM. Made with the straight wall cartridge hunter in mind this suppressor beats most in sound reduction, beats all in weight, and crushes all in modularity. If you’re looking for a can for your 450 Bushmaster, stop looking, you found it.