The SOS-Hunter, our .30 caliber suppressor is a game-changer. As a multi-caliber suppressor it suppress everything from .17 HMR to 300 Win Mag and everything in between. This tubeless suppressor rocks 4 thread together modular baffles which can be removed or added as desired. Modular, quiet, lightweight, versatile with a wide flexibility of multi-caliber use.. for only $299. Need we say more?

  • dB reduction: 25 dB on .308 rifle (more seen on video below)
  • Length: 10 inches (full configuration)
  • Diameter: 1.5 inches
  • Weight: 11 ounces
  • Mounting Included: 5/8 x 24 insert; 1/2 x 28 insert; 1/2 x 28 Over the barrel insert.
  • Caliber: .30 Caliber (wide compatible range from .17 HMR to 300 Win Mag) (Yes also 5.56/223 😉 )
  • Materials: 7075 Premium Grade Aluminum, 17-4 Stainless Steel
  • Finish: Cerakote (Color options available; see more below)
  • Firing Capability: single shot, semi auto, light bump fire
No Tube?
No tube indeed. We have spent a lot of time developing and perfecting the Patent Pending SOS or “Screw on Stack” design. As far as we’re concerned, tubes are for the past.
Only four baffles?
Yessir! We were doing some gas flow simulations and for giggles we said, what if we swap more baffles for more airspace? Frankly, we were shocked at the simulation results so we decided to build one and test it. It turns out a perfect mix airspace and baffles is the key. The SOS-Hunter only needs four long chambered baffles to be ridiculously quiet and you can shed baffles as desired to adjust the overall length of the suppressor. After something like the Hearing Protection Act passes we can even sell you extra baffles!
17-4 Stainless Steel baffle tips?
Roger that! It’s pretty awesome we know. We machine 17-4 SS tips that we press fit and swage into the baffle face. It gives the baffle the perfect balance of weight/strength/corrosion resistance we have been searching for. We’re pretty proud of our Hunter, she’s come a long way.
Aluminum baffles? Doesn't aluminum suck?
No, it doesn’t. There are different grades of aluminum. We machine a solid round bar of premium grade 7075-T6 to make this suppressor. All aluminum is not created equal and 7075 is king (ok maybe a really killer queen). It’s super light and as strong as steel. The issue with aluminum is the melting point. Over 600 degrees F and it can start to get weird. However, you aren’t getting this puppy to 600 without some truly radical shooting. Light bump fire? sure. Belt-fed full auto? As my Italian friends would say, fougettaboutit.
Does it come unthreaded when firing?
No, it hasn’t occurred in testing. All you need to do is hand tighten it snugly (no need to get too tight or strain tightening) when assembling it and you’re ready to rock. If you find a configuration that you love and want to make it semi-permanent a few drops of rocksett on the threads and you’re locked in. When using rocksett to get the baffles back apart simply fill the suppressor with water and soak overnight to dissolve the rocksett.
How do I clean it?
Here in lies something very special about the SOS design. The key, and I do mean the key to suppressor cleaning is maintenance. The problem with any other suppressor is it’s the devil to take apart, so of course, you’ll not want to maintain it regularly (because you aren’t a glutton for punishment). With the SOS-Hunter you will be able to disassemble the suppressor easily by hand, wipe off the crud, apply a thin coat of fresh lube (frog lube paste works wonders), and reassemble in less than a minute; with your eyes closed. Keeping the suppressor lightly lubricated will greatly add to the ease of system use. Teflon pens also work very well on threads.
How do I order the SOS-Hunter?

Fill out the order form on the bottom of this page! You can also reach out HERE

What is the warranty like on the SOS-Hunter?

We love our customers. Seriously, so we offer a lifetime warranty on all our products, you just cover shipping and handling to us +$20 for any repair/replacement to any suppressor or part. More on that awesomeness HERE

Is there a warranty on the Cerakote?

Heck yes! For the warranty on Cerakote, you can reach out to Savannah River Cerakote at 706-840-3688 or by email at The same shipping and handling plus $20 apply to the Cerakote warranty as it does with the warranty on the suppressor itself.

How do I get great prices on Cerakoting my gear?

I know. It’s hard to resist, and resistance is futile. The fact of the matter is you need to get some Cerakoting done at amazing prices and we totally understand! Take care of this problem now by calling Savannah River Cerakote at 706-840-3688 or by email at

Available Special Edition Colors


Burnt Bronze Battle Worn

SRC Camo

Howdy Rebel! We salute you, If you’ve found the bottom of this page it means you are an interested customer, and that makes sense because the SOS-Hunter is one of the baddest suppressors walking the earth, don’t let the low price fool you into thinking you are making a compromise…

To order, please use the form below. If you have questions, reach out HERE

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