Trump Looking to ‘Ban’ Silencers? 

President Trump in June ’19 talking to Piers Morgan over in jolly ole’ England said that his administration was going to ‘seriously look at’ banning suppressors. More on that crazyness here

Below is a fresh link to a ‘We the people’ petition that we need at least 100k signatures on by July 5th letting the Whitehouse know this is a bad move. Signing takes all of about 15 seconds.

Sign the petition and spread it wide and far, email, text your friends, make youtube videos, post the link in your favorite forums.. you get the idea, it’s up to us to get this out there!

As a thank you for signing, below you will see a form to sign up for a raffle for 10 free suppressors (winners pick the model). We will do the drawing on or around July 5th for all who signed and filled out the form. 

P.S. Even though we HIGHLY doubt this nonsense will stand, we feel it is very important to voice our opinions. After all, we are Americans and this silliness ought not go unchecked. 

In case you are wondering if you cannot identify suppressed gunshots, we’ve already debunked that nonsense, see HERE

Fill out my online form.