Q: What is the Hearing Protection Act?

A: The Hearing Protection Act is an active bill moving through congress that would treat suppressors like long guns and end suppressors being NFA registered weapons. After HPA buying a suppressor will be like buying a rifle, it’s really that simple. We are very optimistic about HPA’s chances of passing, so much so that we have concentrated most of our orders to our 50% HPA reserve program.

Q: Low prices? Is it too good to be true?

A: Nope it’s for real. Our goal is to price fairly and transparently, so we have. We know that our prices are insanely low compared to the competition. Paying what most are charging is a kin to paying $12 for a McDonald’s hamburger. We do charge $15 for shipping 🙂

Q: What if you go out of business?

A: Doubt that’s going to happen. We are structured for the long haul. (Sorry competitors).

Q: Why is my dealer charging more than your website?

A: That’s ok. In fact the dealers often charge a little more than we charge. Dealers play a huge role in keeping our country free, they deal with a lot of paperwork and regulation that would make a sane man crazy. So give them a break and help them out whenever you can 🙂

Q: How do you ship the suppressors?

A: We ship everything via USPS.

Q: Why do birds suddenly appear every time you are near?

A: Because, just like us they long to be close to you.

.22 Caliber Suppressor

.30 Caliber Suppressor