Q: How does the whole NFA/transfer process work?
A: Don’t be intimidated, it’s not bad, if it were… 500,000 people wouldn’t have done it last year 😉

1. Order the suppressor from this website, see step 2.

2.  A: Name a dealer from our list HERE when you order

—– OR; if you don’t find a suitable dealer on our list ——

     B: Order, then reach out to the dealer you want to receive your suppressor(s) and tell them to go to the “Receiving Dealer” page you see on the top of HERE. (*Once your preferred dealer gives us the information we need to do your transfer, you will be automatically notified via email to let you know we have received their info)

3. We submit dealer to dealer transfer paperwork for the suppressor (ATF form 3).

4. We ship the suppressor to your receiving/transferring dealer and email shipping tracking information

5. Your dealer will call/email you letting you know they received the suppressor, then you go to the receiving dealer and do the Form 4 transfer submission process ($200 tax stamp paperwork). (look at using a Gun Trust from for ultimate user flexibility)

*Important* If your receiving dealer is not using a silencer shop kiosk, we STRONGLY recommend using the free barcode form 4 tool found HERE for dramatically shorter wait periods. 

6. The dealer (or possibly you) mails the Form 4 tax stamp application to the ATF for approval.

7. Once the form 4 is approved your dealer will contact you to come pick up your brand spankin new suppressor!

8. Take the suppressor out and start putting rounds down range quietly!


Q: Low prices? Is it too good to be true?
A: Nope it’s for real. Our goal is to price fairly and transparently, so we have. We know that our prices are insanely low compared to the competition. Paying what most are charging is a kin to paying $12 for a McDonald’s hamburger (one on the dollar menu). We do charge $25 for shipping even though it secretly costs us half that like a bunch of devils.. You try shipping suppressors, it sucks and we need to pay for our shipping team’s stress therapist and those bills are ever increasing and stiff.
Q: Why is my dealer charging more than your website?
A: That’s ok. In fact the dealers often charge a little more than we charge. Dealers play a huge role in keeping our country free, they deal with a lot of paperwork and regulation that would make a sane man crazy. So give them a break and help them out whenever you can 🙂
Q: How long are the ATF approval wait times right now?
Somewhere in the 2-4 month range at the moment (as of Feb 18). We expect recent time improvements to continue and wait times to continue to shrink so please understand your approval could very well be inside of 2 months as there are more and more cases of fast approvals appearing.
Q: How do you ship the suppressors?
A: We ship everything via USPS.
Q: What if you go out of business?
A: Doubt that’s going to happen. We are structured for the long haul. (Sorry competitors).
Q: Why do birds suddenly appear every time you are near?
A: Because, just like us they long to be close to you.