On Tuesday November 9 2016 something happened, something profound. We elected a group that can actually bring the common sense gun safety measures that our friends on the left have been speaking so fervently about. The Hearing Protection Act or HPA is a proposed change to an almost century old punitive tax on owning a hearing safety device know as the firearm ‘Silencer’ or ‘Suppressor’.

The HPA would effectively treat suppressors as normal firearms, and they could be self built (we’re hoping) or transferred accordingly.

There is something mystical about suppressors, if you think hard you’d be pressed to come up with an action movie filmed in the last four decades that didn’t have a suppressor or ten in it. Thus the Hollywood version of suppressors being the essential tools of assassins and other malevolent forces was born.

The truth however is that suppressors are a safety device. That’s not a canard that is just thrown around in an effort to serve our cause; it’s a fact, and I mean what I say. When we ask a customer why they want a suppressor, they’ll almost instinctively say their concerns are with noise pollution and/or safety.

As a father of two beautiful little girls, I am beyond the moon excited about showing them how to shoot the way my father taught me. I want that experience to be an enjoyable one, and not one filled with cringing little eyes while waiting for the scary bang.

Imagine a range that is filled with people shooting suppressed. It wouldn’t sound like a bunch of Hollywood ‘pew, pew, pew’ noises, that isn’t reality. In reality it just wouldn’t sound like you got caught in a rough part of Baghdad. Range instructions and warnings could be clearly heard, and those ringing ears would be a thing of the past. Again…

It’s a safety device.

In summary we want people to know, specifically those without experience in the firearms community that we ‘suppressor people’ are not looking to play James Bond (I’m a big fan). Rather, we just want to enjoy shooting safely and be able to hear the phone ring when we’re sixty.

Very Respectfully,

Eric Woodard


Rebel Silencers