Welcome Rebel!

We have two ways to order directly from us if you’re not a dealer. 

Option 1: Our 50% down Hearing Protection Act reserve/hold program (order form below). For the straight dope on this act go HERE.

If/when you would like to pay the balance and transfer your HPA 50% Reserve go HERE


Option 2: The Current NFA Transfer route. If you would like to purchase via this route use the order form found HERE

Why reserve a suppressor before HPA?

  1. Lock in our low prices – Demand will rise and so will prices. Get ahead of that.
  2. Beat the rush– After HPA everyone will be sold out, almost instantly. No sweat, you’re all set.
  3. It helps us out! Rebel Silencers can’t operate without money, and if everyone waits… 
  4. You’re our priority- After HPA you’re top of the pile, you get priority, full stop.
  5. Be the first kid on your block with a confirmed Rebel Silencer!


50% down silencer reserve details:

*When more hard dates on HPA are known we will send out an email requesting payment in full for the suppressor(s) and request the information from the receiving FFL dealer.

* This deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE. You may, at any point you desire, pay in full and have us transfer the suppressor via the current NFA process.

Fill out my online form.