Our Story

Here at Rebel Silencers we employ a rare business model. We’re majority owned by disabled Veterans, and most everyone here is a partner. What does that mean for you? It means that truly we care about the work that we do because our future depends on your satisfaction, 100%. We don’t punch a time clock, we all own this thing and we’re serious about what we do. We are a fun loving and lighthearted crew so expect words like ‘gubment’ and greetings like ‘howdy’ but rest assured constant improvement is our highest goal, and innovation is our creed.

Eric Woodard (Codename: El Cabron)

Key Roles / Talents: Venture Funding, Marketing, Planning, and Leadership

Eric joined the Army at 17 after 9/11 and served for 10 years with four Iraq deployments. While in the Army and beyond Eric started and succeeded in several business ventures including With a keen eye for marketing and business management Eric founded Rebel Silencers with a goal of leading in and normalizing an ever-growing domestic sound suppressor market. If there is an industry that is a bubble of overpricing don’t let Eric near it. He has a needle and he likes popping bubbles.

Joseph Roller (Codename: Mikey)

Key Roles / Talents: Customer Service, Web Design, and Production

Mikey is an Army veteran with two Iraq deployments. If you call Rebel Silencers chances are you’re going to speak with Mikey. Mikey wields his telephone like Michelangelo operated a paintbrush. His web designing is fresh and in the shop he operates CNC machines like he was born to do it.

Simon (Codename: Sexy)

Key Roles / Talents: Master Machinist, CNC Machinist

Simon is a ball of talent. If you look at Simon’s work area you will witness something extraordinary. Perfect parts in perfect rows from a machine that is tuned and cutting perfection. Key word. Perfection. It is possible that Simon is actually a telekinetic. We have strategically placed hidden cameras around his work station to capture any gravitational anomalies should they occur. We’ll keep you all posted on what we find out.

Manny (Codename: Manlito)

Key Roles / Talents: Inventory, Shipping, Receiving

Manny is also a fellow ex Army cat. Mainly Manlito is in charge of keeping our inventory room under control as well as shipping. Every once in a while if he is behaving we treat him to cerakoting or engraving. Of course, Manny is an amateur fighter and although small, is quite fierce and scrappy. Therefore I hope that Manny never reads this post.

Tyler Bier (Codename: Goku)

Key Roles / Talents: Inventory, Order fulfillment, Shipping

Tyler is a manager at 199Trust and was brought over to Rebel Silencers for his deep knowledge of the NFA process and a penchant for workflow and macro organization. Dealing with the paperwork and inventory side of Class III NFA toys is a burden most wouldn’t wish on their worst of enemies, however Tyler is the type of cat that maintains his sanity in a sea of frustration. Tyler has an unhealthy fetish with smelting aluminum so we are constantly having to check and make sure he isn’t running low on soda cans.