Thank you for your order!


The next step is to have your dealer visit and go to the ‘receiving dealer’ link you see on

the top menu of this website.

*They will need your name, email address, and the product model

you ordered to complete their form.*


Your dealer might tell you that they want to fax/email their information to us, tell them

we don’t allow this as it messes up our flow and that’s how mistakes happen. Once

they complete the form you will be automatically emailed to let you know they have

done so, after which let us over here at Rebel take the wheel. The time it takes the ATF

to approve the transfer from us to your dealer is a decent wait, somewhere in the

2.5 month range as of July 2016 (Our guess is it won’t take that long). We will let you

know when we ship your suppressor to the dealer, and also your dealer will contact you

when they receive the suppressor.


Special note: We do not process refunds for our suppressors as you likely saw at the bottom of the order

form you just filled out. If you have an issue, we’re here to help. However, the one thing we cannot do is

issue a refund as far too much work goes into the paperwork, inventory, manufacture, and shipping of

your suppressor.